By visiting the northwestern part of Istria and not exploring the numerous wine roads along the way, one would certainly miss out on a unique opportunity to enjoy some of the most exciting wine flavors and aromas in the world.

It is believed that old Phoenicians and Greeks brought vines to Istria and, since that moment, wine has become one of the most important products of this region. Ancient Roman writers such as Pliny the Elder wrote about the amazing Istrian wine and the specific terroir which enables winemakers to produce wine of extreme quality. That 2000-year-old reputation has remained strong up to this day, and the best proof of that statement is the fact that Istria was named Region of the Year 2017 by the renowned Swedish wine tasting association Munskänkarna.

Here at San Rocco heritage hotel we always do our best to provide our guests with the complete experience of Istria, including all the beauties of nature, amazing local gastronomy, high quality wine and olive oils, and many other autochthonous products and natural attractions. Since the hotel is located in the small picturesque village of Brtonigla, just on the crossroad between the coastal part and the heartland of northwestern Istria, many of our guests found it as a perfect starting point for various adventures and activities.

Stay in comfortable and originally designed rooms of San Rocco hotel, take a tour of the famous local vineries, visit truffle shops, enjoy the nature just by taking a walk around the olive groves and vineyards, taste some of the unique dishes and delicacies, and get to know Istria at its best.

Visit San Rocco, the best small family heritage hotel in Croatia for the last five years in a row, and let your dream vacation start from there on…