San Rocco is not only a perfect vacation destination with comfortable accommodation and a rich gourmet offer, San Rocco is also a brand that stands for many natural homemade products such as olive oil and wine vinegar, made here on our family estate.

Wine vinegar Cavallier is produced from local grape varieties grown on the red “Cavallier” soil. After the vinification and fermentation processes, the vinegar matures in old oak barrels for two complete decades which provides it with distinguished character, strong body and a unique taste. Here at restaurant San Rocco we use Cavallier vinegar for various purposes such as salad dressings or as an addition to specific meals, and all that in order to make sure our guests get the true feeling of all the flavors and aromas traditional Istrian cuisine can offer with its vast selection of natural and homemade products. 

Cavallier is not just a vinegar you can buy at the local store. It’s more of a product that tells the story of Istrian customs, traditions, passion for wine and grapes, but most of all the story of a rich family heritage – all the foundations on which San Rocco hotel was built upon.