The most beautiful moments with your loved ones, love and wedding celebrations, business meetings, as well as many other occasions that you personally think should be celebrated and held, certainly require appropriate space, environment and service – this elements contribute significantly to the impression and beauty of the arranged occasion. If you are planning a special celebration or business meeting and want a beautiful, traditional ambience with a dose of modernity and irresistible beauty of the environment, as well as excellent service and amazing rhapsody of gastronomic delicacies, be sure to choose Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco.
The restaurant, which is on the very top of Istrian and Croatian gastronomy, nurtures specific nuances of Istrian cuisine and provides a truly unique gastronomic experience of combining top quality food with the best wines of the entire region. The beautifully decorated interior contributes to respect for the tradition of Istria, giving a warm and pleasant ambience, while the outdoor terrace contributes to romance, gentle notes and a special atmosphere.
Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco certainly provides a great space for celebrating your favorite moments, as well as professionally business meetings. Match your wishes and desired moments with the beauties of the surrounding nature and fulfill all your expectations, as well as the expectations of your family, friends and business partners – both with the excellent ambience that the restaurant provides and the amazing rhapsody of the finest flavors of Istria!