Beautiful and full of spirit, Istria is a destination for anyone who likes nature, tradition, good food and seaside scenery. Istria is a well-known tourist and recreational destination that offers something for everyone: the lovers of history will enjoy the tours of the old nuclei of small Istrian towns, gourmets will satisfy their wishes for savory snacks in the widely known Istrian restaurants filled with Adriatic specialties, while nature lovers and sports discover will be an inexhaustible source of places and paths where it will fill your spirit and body. One such Istrian village can offer all this, and it is hidden under the name Brtonigla or, in Italian, Verteneglio. The tourist slogan of Brtonigla is “A small place of great discoveries”, and everyone who has been there for at least one day knows that in Brtonigla you can find interesting historical stories, traditional folk festivals, homemade wine and olives that are particularly proud of the inhabitants of this place and various caves cycling trails in the area for those little adventurous spirits.

The most famous of these trails bear the name Parenzana, and the name comes from the old narrow railroad linking Trieste and Porec in the first half of the twentieth century. Brtonigla is located  in the middle of this bicycle route, making it an ideal place to relish tired bicycles. In this picturesque spot, the San Rocco Hotel is a family oasis of peace for those who want to truly enjoy active holidays and reward themselves with delicious delicacies after a full day of pedaling. Apart from the comfort provided to all its guests, this hotel boasts two top restaurants well-known in gastronomic circles. It’s about the San Rocco restaurant, which is included in many gastronomic and enological guides, and a somewhat slimmer restaurant, Primizia Food & Wine, which is equally devoted to detail and quality of the offer.

After an exquisite glass of wine that conceals the spirit and the body, perhaps even enjoyable massages from the San Rocco Hotel offer, anyone who is going to go to Istria on two wheels will be ready for that venture. Parenzana’s popularity is thanks to its beautiful landscapes, greenery, picturesque views of Istrian villages, olive groves and vineyards and good connections between places. Istria, which is known in this way comes from a completely different dimension, it offers away from traffic jams, the noise of big cities and the stress of everyday obligations, and be in our connection with nature, the admiration of tradition and the indulgence of unique tastes of Istrian specialties.