San Rocco, the Heritage Hotel & Gourmet Restaurant, has got truly flattering titles in recent years, won various awards and accolades, and now it’s got a new one – at the recent awards ceremony in Livade, San Rocco has made it into the top 5 best restaurants in Istria! This is a testament of the great work and effort of the Gourmet Restaurant which has invested a great deal of time, effort and knowledge in designing food and in creating the overall gastronomic experience for its guests. Tasty specialties are a blend of tradition and modern ways and approaches to culinary, thus creating fantasies of combined flavors that complement each other and emphasizing each nuance of individual aromas. Delicacies of the Adriatic food, creations of mushrooms and truffles, as well as venison specialties – these are flavors that will entice your palate, but also intrigue all the other senses. In addition to the gastronomic creations that invite you to taste and enjoy, San Rocco Restaurant is defined by its location in the heart of the nature – the beautiful panorama that surrounds it blends with the flavors you taste, creating a complete experience. Knowledge, effort and time, and above all the desire to create food that will truly achieve the satisfaction of every guest, is invested in the approach and process of each of the food and spices that form the basis of the plate. Color, texture and scent are what attract the attention of the guests, putting into focus what lies in front of them while the plate gently, sometimes intensely, seduces and offers its taste and the palate flickers at every bite. That’s exactly what makes San Rocco Restaurant – it’s not just about the food. It’s about creating a whole experience while the plate tells the story of its virtues in every bite – welcome to one of the top 5 restaurants in Istria!