To take full advantage of the holiday that your body and mind certainly need, indulge in all the charms of a true oasis of relaxation that awaits you at the Heritage Hotel San Rocco.

A fantastic combination of tradition and elegance, enriched with history and irresistible charm, it is a luxurious oasis of complete relaxation of body, mind and spirit. With an emphasis on a pleasant atmosphere and quality living, the hotel stands out with a large outdoor pool with a spacious park, while the interior of the hotel hides an amazing wellness center that represents a fantastic harmony of colors and materials thus contributing to a dose of relaxation. The indoor pool, sauna and hydromassage provide incredible relaxation of body, mind and spirit, while the uninterrupted view of the landscape further contributes to the much sought-after peace and relaxation. Of course, there are various body beauty treatments that are exclusively personalized according to the aspirations of your body in order to achieve true peace and harmony.

Take advantage of every moment of rest for complete relaxation and peace and give your body all the benefits of wellness and various treatments of your body – Heritage Hotel San Rocco offers a combination of incredible luxury with an emphasis on nurturing tradition to fulfill all the aspirations of your body, spirit and mind.