Here at restaurant San Rocco we always do our best to provide our guests with unique dining adventures, whether through delicious and creative meals from our extensive menu, whether through numerous special events and partnerships with other renowned brands related to culinary expertise. 

This time, we have pushed the boundaries even further, furnishing a special kitchen in cooperation with Miele, one of the most renowned brands of kitchen appliances, in order to present our latest project “Let’s cook together: Miele & San Rocco”. During this project we will host some of the most respected and world-famous chefs and true artists when it comes to preparing creative specialties, such as the talented chef Clement Bidard from the well-known French restaurant Le Saint Lazare.

Apart from exclusive dining experiences, we have also started offering cooking classes where you’ll be able to learn many of our admirable chefs’ tips and tricks first-hand, and we’ll also start with themed evenings intended for all true gourmands and all those who want to sample more than just amazing flavors and aromas on their palate. 

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