Summer nights at Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco

Summer is one of the favorite times of all – its uniqueness and special atmosphere is certainly the peak of every year since it provides amazing experiences with various sports adventures and exploring, or relaxation and fantastic gastronomic delicacies,...

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Indulge in moments of relaxation of body, mind and spirit

To take full advantage of the holiday that your body and mind certainly need, indulge in all the charms of a true oasis of relaxation that awaits you at the Heritage Hotel San Rocco. A fantastic combination of tradition and elegance, enriched with history and...

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Celebrate important moments at San Rocco Restaurant

The most beautiful moments with your loved ones, love and wedding celebrations, business meetings, as well as many other occasions that you personally think should be celebrated and held, certainly require appropriate space, environment and service – this...

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Why choose Heritage Boutique Hotel San Rocco?

When looking for the best escape from the boring city and monotonous everyday life, you should always strive for what your body, mind and soul truly want – hedonistic rest and relaxation, adventure, exploration and photography, tasting new gastronomic specialties and...

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The splendor of the beauty of spring and asparagus season

The sunny and warm weather lure, first shyly and then completely self-confident, the spring in its splendor of colors, the chirping birds, the gentle wind and the bud of a variety of flowers and trees. Nature now proudly displays all its lavish beauty, while only...

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Recreational cycling and wellness relaxation

One of the largest international cycling events in Istria, a popular cycling event Parenzana is held every year to mark the end of the summer season. One of the favorite recreational sports of many participants of this attractive activity, the twenty-fourth cycling...

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