Dear guests

We have based our belief in the renovation of the old family estate during the process of turning it into a tourist facility on our love for the area and our magic locations, on the infinite trust we have in its future and on hope that our children will know how to appreciate and value this heritage of tradition and history. We wish to provide you, even partly, with the experience of the true wholesome village life values which we had been privileged to… Yours truly, Fernetich family

How we have grown

In 2004, following the strictest restoration criteria, we transformed an old family estate into an exclusive holiday resort providing all the comfort and amenities of modern high category European hotels. The hotel consists of three buildings. The first building used to be a landlord house, the second used to be a barn for Istrian oxen, while in the third building peasants used to store agricultural tools and wagons. Although located in the very centre of Brtonigla, the hotel is surrounded by a large park and an olive grove where guests can enjoy peace and quiet, read a book in the shade or just doze off, lulled by the sounds of the untouched nature.

The Best small Family Heritage Hotel in Croatia for last 5 consecutive years


Our Products

Extra virgin olive oil “San Rocco”

The Fernetich family San Rocco olive oil comes from a long family tradition and old olive groves. In vicinity of the Hotel San Rocco there are centuries-old family olive trees which provide shade in summer and whose fruits are hand-picked in the autumnl. The fruit of passion and research, extra-virgin olive oil is created by cold pressing the best autochthonous grape varieties. San Rocco Olive Oil is an inevitable component of the gourmet restaurant and the main characteristic of our culinary delights. You can buy this valuable product, produce of the earth and pride of the family and take it with you as a reminder of San Rocco and this land. . This olive oil is used for culinary purposes in our restaurant and konoba and in the wellness centre for a variety of beauty treatments. San Rocco extra virgin oil has been selected among the best world oils in the publication Flos Olei, a renowned world guidebook for olive oils, published in Rome and written by the expert Marco Oreggia.

Cavallier Wine Vinegar

The homemade wine vinegar is produced from local grapes that mature on the red Cavallier soil, which has given it its name. Following the vinification and alcoholic fermentation processes, the vinegar starts its maturation in oak barrels in which it ages for twenty long years. The body of this natural and strong vinegar reflects the overall character of the local Istrian land.

Pâté ARGETA EXCLUSIVE a’la San Rocco

Our cooperation with Argeta started three years ago when Argeta decided to launch the ARGETA EXCLUSIVE A’LA SAN ROCCO pâté line based on our recipe. Two supreme restaurants joined the project: La Subida from Italy and Dvorec Zemono from Slovenia. The special Chef’s selection line containing all three pâtés can be bought as of this year.

“The a’la San Rocco pâté reflects our personality and philosophy. We have used quality ingredients which make an integral part of our restaurant and the area.It was challenging even for us who like challenges. They represent a motivation to permanently improve and achieve that special something which makes the guests who taste our creation happy.” Teo Fernetich – Restaurant “San Rocco


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