San Rocco – Boutique Hotel is located in the heart of Istria, in beautiful Brtonigla. Brtonigla is known for its rich tradition, culture and history.

Besides, two economic branches stand out – olive growing and grape growing. Thanks to fertile vineyards and an ideal geographical position, a top production of high quality wine is guaranteed, as well as the development of olive groves.

Do you want to try the best traditional Istrian specialties? Restaurant San Rocco is the right choice!

Discover the secret of Istrian white truffles prepared in various ways. You can have them in combination with vegetables or with fish. Do not miss a carpaccio of traditional Istrian beef, boškarin, which will enchant your palate for sure. Finally, enjoy the richness of flavors of homemade seasonal ingredients and superbly prepared specialties.

The natural beauties of this area are just one more reason why you should visit them at least once in your life. On your trip don’t miss a chance to book an accommodation in San Rocco – Boutique Hotel. An idyllic atmosphere and magical surroundings make a unique oasis, that will fulfill your body and mind.

San Rocco offers a great dose of comfort and luxury available to all guests. Truly indulge in hedonism and enjoy the charm of a wellness oasis that will awaken all your senses.