The connection of location and gastronomy – a combination that intrigues both imagination and palate. While sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect symbiosis that really intrigue every sense, that exact moment when it is found, the peace, serenity and perfection of the whole scene, it captures every particle of the body and it wants to jump from that ecstasy. That script sounds absolutely irresistible, isn’t it? Fortunately, it does not have to be just a part of the imagination and the much-desired scenario because a place like that which is truly a fantastic combination of location and gastronomic experience, lies in the green beauty of nature interwined with vineyards and olive groves. The place is hidden in Brtonigla. 

San Rocco, a family hotel in Istria, is a true oasis and a synonym for intertwined a perfect mind and culinary gateway. An ideal weekend destination or perhaps a refreshment and excitement created exclusively for the fantasy of the beautiful ambience and cuisine art after a hard day’s work, is surrounded by a beautiful landscape that simply calls you to explore it and lose yourself in it, but even so lost, you will feel like you reconnected with your spirit and mind while enjoying the momentum. Of course, besides escaping in the beauty of nature, your palate will also experience the feeling of rest and peace. In the luxuriously decorated restaurant all the delights are patiently waiting to intrigue you, your palate and your mind. The unique gastronomic menu of Istria, such as delicacies of Adriatic fish, truffles and venison, are carefully created by top chefs who stive for the quality, beauty nad enthusiasm of guests, as well as to complement the ambience that surrounds them. 

The luxurious family hotel San Rocco, together with its gastronomic offer and the oasis surrounding it, truly makes an irresistible combination of true paradise waiting for all the runaways to give them an ecstasy of the beauty of the landscape grapevines and olives, combining the delicious delights and completing the true gourmet experiences.