Istrian beauties are known in every corner of the world – how to resist its charms? The richness of tradition, history and culture, as well as amazing natural beauties, seduce every guest and tell incredible stories passed down from generation to generation. Brtonigla tells such a story – the beautiful tradition of olive groves and viticulture has been nurtured and respected for years, so it is not surprising that the wine road and the olive oil road have become one of the foundations of Istrian beauty.

The noble skill of winemaking is led primarily by natural components, which guarantees the high quality of cultivated grapes – location, soil, climate and relief are excellent for the traditions of the ancients – Malvazija Istarska, Borgonja, Hrvatica and many other varieties represent the harmony of excellent wines. Apart from the wine road, Brtonigla is also proud of its olive oil road. It is the olive that has defined Istria for millennia, and its beauty is incomparable. A symbol of the Mediterranean, health and gastronomic pleasure – olive oil is called liquid gold, and because of its unusual bitter taste and exceptional aroma, it represents incredible beauties that are hard to resist.

Brtonigla, in addition to top quality wine and olives, also hides amazing natural, historical and cultural beauties, as well as the rich flavors of gastronomy that you can meet in the Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco. Nurturing and respecting tradition is the foundation of the true beauty of Istria. Meet the tradition of Brtonigla and let it completely enchant you.