In the early autumn days, when the intoxicating scents of truffles spread throughout the Istrian peninsula, the Heritage Hotel San Rocco prepares for you the perfect destination for relaxing and discovering all the charms of Istria. Located in the heart of picturesque Brtonigla, a place full of Istrian magic, unspoiled nature and top gastronomic specialties, San Rocco offers a complete experience, from an exclusive five-star Heritage hotel, a rich gastronomic offer of restaurants, wellness relaxation, and numerous interesting activities to discover all Istrian landscapes.

Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you can finally indulge yourself in the superb ambiance. In addition to fully equipped rooms, some of which also include a hot tub whirlpool, you can also relax in our wellness and beauty treatments to recharge your batteries and restore your body and mind to balance. Afterwards, you can refresh yourself with top gastronomic specialties, which includes fresh seasonal truffles. Truffle, also known as the Istrian gem, a well-known intense-flavored mushroom, is now, in these early autumn days, the number one seasonal specialty in Istria.

Gourmet San Rocco, one of the few restaurants affiliated with the exclusive French association Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe, is the result of the experience and knowledge of top chefs, who carefully select a menu based on traditional fresh Istrian dishes, while keeping up with the latest trends in world gastronomy. Indulge in the unique scents and flavors of Istria and enjoy the best San Rocco specialties.