The sunny and warm weather lure, first shyly and then completely self-confident, the spring in its splendor of colors, the chirping birds, the gentle wind and the bud of a variety of flowers and trees. Nature now proudly displays all its lavish beauty, while only rarely ones can resist the sun. The awakening of the immense beauty of nature has also taken over the beautiful surroundings of the San Rocco Hotel! As we approach the usual daily routine that we believe everyone awaits, indulge in the current asparagus season. Restaurant San Rocco will be waiting for you when this whole situation is over, and until then – try amazing and delicious asparagus!  They can be prepared in a variety of ways, and as you wait to taste the asparagus delicacies prepared by chefs of San Rocco, we bring you some gastronomic ideas that will delight both you and your family! Asparagus and prawn omelette is a delicious meal that is done in a matter of minutes, and it is an excellent meal for every part of the day. Do you know that a strudel does not have to be made just of apples, cherries or cheese? Fresh cheese and asparagus strudels offer the sweet flavors and aromas, and they say that once you taste this delicacy, it will become your favorite! If you are looking for something refreshing, you have to try the asparagus prepared on a salad with potatoes, eggs and radishes. Just add a few more spices and you have the perfect salad for every occasion. For a warm meal choose the amazing asparagus soup that truly is a classic, as well as asparagus with a variety of sauces prepared by your taste! Risotto, combinations of vegetables and various spices – asparagus are the ideal food that perfectly aligns with all your gastronomic visions! Indulge yourself in tasting these delicacies, and when everything finally comes back to normal, try the asparagus specialties at San Rocco Restaurant!