Although it’s still spring, many of us are thinking about our next destination for a perfect summer vacation. Planning things in advance certainly has its advantages like getting enough time to gather all the information about your summer trip and calculate your expenses.

Brtonigla, a small village located on the northwestern side of the Istrian peninsula is one of the most desirable destinations for many tourists who want to spend their vacation by enjoying beauties of nature and experiencing the true spirit of Istria. What makes Brtonigla so special is the very location which provides not only the necessary amount of peace, quiet and privacy to have an ideal vacation, but also serves as a great starting point for visiting nearby attractions, events and some of the more urban areas.

San Rocco heritage hotel, situated in the center of Brtonigla, gives you a unique chance to combine all the best things Istria has to offer – beautiful landscapes and natural attractions, rich cultural and architectural heritage, delicious local cuisine and homemade products, comfortable accommodation and most of all – kind and warm hospitality. Within the hotel you will also find additional enjoyments such as treatments at our wellness and spa center, specialties and delicacies of our gourmet restaurant, relaxation zone of our decorated green garden and many other contents which will make your stay as complete and as comfortable as it gets.

When you think about summer vacation, think about San Rocco, five times in a row “Best small Family Heritage hotel” in Croatia.