When looking for the best escape from the boring city and monotonous everyday life, you should always strive for what your body, mind and soul truly want – hedonistic rest and relaxation, adventure, exploration and photography, tasting new gastronomic specialties and wine nuances or simply indulging in the moment and doing what you want that instant. Whatever your criteria, read just a few reasons for choosing and staying at the Heritage Boutique Hotel San Rocco.

San Rocco offers a great blend of comfort and luxury for true hedonism, indulgence, relaxation and the long-awaited peace and escape – the wellness that awaits you is the incredible charm of an oasis with an emphasis on luxury, and it is dedicated to relaxing and pampering your body that aspires to rest. The beautiful ​​Brtonigla where the hotel is located, fulfills all your adventurous aspirations, while Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco offers an ecstasy of fantastic flavors with rich textures and amazing nuances of tradition with modern attire and emphasis on colors and creativity of combining the ingredients and aromas.

Heritage Boutique Hotel San Rocco meets all your highest requirements and provides you with exactly what you aspire – a true vacation for body and soul, whether you’re looking for adventure and exploration of the natural beauty and landscapes, whether you aspire to a hedonistic vacation and indulging in gastronomy and wine tasting new nuances. Choose Brtonigla and San Rocco and find a true summer experience!