Winter is one of the best seasons to visit Istria and enjoy its beautiful scenery and amazing gastro offer, with Brtonigla being one of the most prominent gourmet destinations in the whole region. Brtonigla gives you perfect insight into the traditional way of life in Istria and provides ideal moments of privacy, peace and quiet. Enjoy the beauties of nature harmonically spread around therustic settlements, feel the true Istrian hospitality and treat yourself with unique local specialties and delicacies, as well as some of the finest Istrian wines.

Heritage hotel and gourmet restaurant San Rocco, located in the small picturesque town of Brtonigla, offers you an unforgettable winter experience in Istria. Stay in comfortable and fully equipped Standard, Classic or Tradition room or the Cavallier Suite, taste some of the traditional dishes in San Rocco restaurant, treat your body and soul with the perfect relaxation moments provided by our Wellness& Spa center and enjoy various indoor and outdoor activities and tours that can be arranged upon your request.

Since winter in Istria marks the season of precious white truffles, you can taste many specialties with this magical mushroom simply by choosing one of the truffle dishes from the creative menu of our restaurant. Our experienced chefs will present you with original flavors and aromas of fresh truffles, as well as many other seasonal or indigenous ingredients and products such as forest mushrooms, boskarin and game meat, extra virgin olive oil and prosciutto.

Aside from perfect meals and high-quality wines, our professional and friendly staff will make sure you want for absolutely nothing. Visit San Rocco, declared as the best Croatian family hotel four times in a row, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind royal treatment and vacation.