Autumn is approaching, and with it the season of white truffles. Experience the gastronomic uniqueness of Istria and enjoy the delicious flavors of truffles in the Istrian restaurant, San Rocco. San Rocco is located in the heart of Istria, in a picturesque and charming place. Of course, it is Brtonigla, a municipality abundant with superb gastronomic flavors that will delight everyone.

Enjoy the best local Istrian cuisine enriched with traditional Istrian spices and ingredients. One ingredient, though, has to be singled out: the white truffles. Try a unique combination of eggs, celery and spaletti with truffles.

White truffles will fit perfectly in both hot and cold dishes. You will be delighted by the risotto with white truffles with a splash of olive oil. “Sharp”, but unique and delicious aroma will win you over at first taste.

Indulge the perfect flavors of these delicacies. Visit San Rocco Restaurant and discover the charms of top gastronomy!