Few days ago a presentation of Flos Olei was held. This is the most prestigious guide to olive oils. In this new edition 73 oils from Croatia were included. To be precise: 71 of them are from Istria and only 2 from Dalmatia. What else do we need to say that there are top olive producers in Istria. Besides, soil and other conditions are necessary for olive growing.

Brtonigla is the leading Istrian municipality known for olive growing and San Rocco extra virgin olive oil as well. According to Flos Olei, it was these olive drops that scored 94 out of 100 points. San Rocco olive oil is the result of a long family tradition and centuries-old olives. In vicinity of the hotel there are olive trees that enjoy top-notch care throughout the year. Olive oil is the fruit of research and passion. Besides, it is an inevitable component of the gourmet restaurant. Thanks to the special flavors and texture, it is the main characteristic of culinary delights.

Apart from the fact that here, in the San Rocco restaurant you can enjoy perfect tasteful dishes with the addition of olive oil, homemade spices and other indigenous ingredients, you can buy olive oil and bring this valuable product with you as a memory of San Rocco and Brtonigla.