Summer is one of the favorite times of all – its uniqueness and special atmosphere is certainly the peak of every year since it provides amazing experiences with various sports adventures and exploring, or relaxation and fantastic gastronomic delicacies, delicious wine and pleasant atmosphere while surrounded with your loved ones. The combination of all awaits you at the Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco.

The fantastic program of San Rocco summer nights offers great music events that will certainly gently introduce you to the night under the stars with ideal notes. Exploring the most delicious delicacies and specialties of their chefs will surely provide all your senses, especially the palate, with incredible ecstasy and a rhapsody of amazing flavors that combine fantastically with local Istrian wines. Of course, for true relaxation and enjoyment, there is the outdoor pool of the hotel San Rocco, which surrounded by nature under the starry sky, provides all the romantic notes you could wish for during the hot summer nights.

Indulge in all the charms of the Gourmet Restaurant San Rocco and experience the true beauty of summer nights through fantastic gastronomy and top Istrian wines while gentle notes, relaxation and beautiful nature complete this year’s summer experience.